Sunday, December 7, 2008

Psychology After Lacan - Programme Annoucement

Department of Post Graduate Psychology, Christ University


One Semester Credit-based Certificate Course

Psychology after Lacan

Co-Instructors: Diptarup Chowdhury & Anup K Dhar

Visiting Faculty: Ashish Rajadhyaksha, Asha Achuthan, Radhika P., Ranjita Biswas

Classes: On Sundays.

Course Introduction:

Starting from a general introduction on Jacques Lacan, this course would go into the depths of Lacanian psychoanalysis. It would discuss the Borromean Knot of the Imaginary-Symbolic-Real. It would also see how Lacanian psychoanalysis differs from existing schools of psychology. It would ask: what happens to received understandings of schools of psychology, if one imparts to them the 'Lacanian Turn'. Does psychology get fundamentally displaced by the 'Lacanian Turn'? The course would also see how Lacanian psychoanalysis would be relevant to the social sciences and to humanities. It would also discuss the 'science question' in the context of Lacanain psychoanalysis; as also questions of objectivity and subjectivity in the sciences. This course would be relevant to science, social science and humanities students.

Certificate Course Outline:

Lacan: Life and works; Sigmund Freud: The Archaeology of the Unconscious; Lacan and his Return to Freud – I ; Lacan and his Return to Freud – II ; The Uncanny of Subjectivity; Freudian Understanding of Subjectivity; Lacanian Understanding of Subjectivity; Imaginary; Symbolic; Real as Rem(a)inder ; Lacan and Language; Lacan and the Clinic; Lacan “On the Limits of Knowledge”; Lacan “On the Limits of Love”: There's No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship!!!; Turning Away from Lacan.

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