Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today 18/01/09 we talked about psychosis and neurosis. And one point keeps coming back to me a person who is labeled as having psychosis is said to be a ship that is free floating on a sea of signifier and signified with no knots to bring it together and with no taboos/ morality or rules attached.
According to Lacan we are not supposed to tell a "psychotic" he/she is delusional because it will rock their boat and bringing them out of it could lead them to suicide.
My question is then are we as psychologist supposed to just sit back and nod approvingly when our "client" says that an umbrella is a boat? After all its just shared reality... or am i supposed to ethically try to "help" him/her to come back to "reality"?
Then again ethics is a huge issue but morality is much lighter. Because according to my morals i can help a man or woman by giving her shelter or food. But when ethics is involved i need to look into the issue of whether im doing the person more harm than help.
Truth be said this is a very complex issue and i don't know whether i'm getting anywhere with my thoughts.